Welcome to Witch Awareness Month, 2013!

[Written by Witch Awareness Month team member, Mark S. Deniz]

Where do I start?


I say this in all honesty, as there are so many places I want to start, being as this is the most special of the awareness months for me. Yes, I know I gushed about how special Ghost Appreciation Month was/is but this is the one, this is the awareness month I’ve been waiting to host!

I suppose I can start by saying welcome! Welcome to our inaugural Witch Awareness Month, and thank you for coming along and being part of it, for being one of people who makes these months worth doing. In case you haven’t noticed we have only a few months left.

Here’s how the Awareness Months pan out now:

January = Nothing (too soon after Christmas and no one has the energy to drive an Awareness month here)

February = Monster Awareness Month

March = Nothing and nothing planned as yet

April = Witch Awareness Month

May = Zombie Awareness Month (our first, taken from the official month online)

June = Fae Awareness Month

July = Vampire Awareness Month

August = Nothing (Sharon Ring has something in mind for the future here)

September = Nothing and nothing planned as yet

October = Ghost Appreciation Month (the next one will be Ghost Awareness Month)

November = Nothing (I’ve had something a little different planned here)

December = Nothing and nothing planned either (I would NOT want to be involved in an awareness month here)

My big dream was to run Witch Awareness Month last year, 2012, as it was a very significant year for me, being the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials in Lancashire, England, which basically started all of the fascination for me and witches off. Well, life came in and decided that it wasn’t to be, something it thought about this year too. This year though I’d had enough and made my mind up that I was to not be denied and so here we are, due to the fact, in part, that I managed to get myself a not only bigger than normal but very experienced team on board.

Medium rare?

Medium rare?

I’m joined again by Morrigan Books cohort, KV Taylor, who has not only been with me on other Awareness months but also runs Fae Awareness Month herself and I’m also joined by Morrigan Books staff member Kari Wolfe, who is not only a damn fine editor but has a keen eye for promotion too.

Then I have the honour of welcoming three Morrigan Books writers along for the ride: Carole Lanham, Shannon Page and Simon Kewin, all willing to share fiction and their editorial talents to the event. Carole has agreed to conclude the event and I am already excited about what she will have to say then.

Delisa Carnegie, who I have only been in contact with from a publisher/reviewer relationship was keen to join us and is a very welcome addition to the team, bringing both experience and freshness to the gang.

So with an experienced and motivated team along and witches being my personal passion then we can’t go wrong can we? Can we?

The biggest challenge this year was to cover all the bases within the witch concept, as there is not only the fictional fairy-tale witch or the Hollywood witch but there are also Wiccans too. It feels like a more complex subject to grasp but the beauty of running the event in this way is that we are not constrained by these concepts as rules. We can portray the witch as an old crone with warts, flying around on a broomstick and cooking up toads and bats in a cauldron. It would be a bit dull, I grant you, but nevertheless we are free.

So what are we bringing you then? Well we’re going to be talking about the history of witches, what it is to be a wiccan, especially in 2013, we’re going to have reviews, articles, fiction. We’re making a special effort to keep up to date with our topic, especially as we’ll have a review of Oz, the Great and Powerful early in the month and some juicy promotions too.


We’re breaking with tradition on two fronts, as this year we are not going to be listing our films in chronological order, duly noted by my choosing to start the month with one of my all time films, the either love it or hate it Blair Witch Project. We are also going to be working with Morrigan Books, for very obvious reasons, which will be revealed as the month wears on.

I’ve much more to say, I’ve so much to say about my love for witches, my fascination for the history of them and their potrayal in literature and specially in TV and film but I’ve decided to leave that for another post – it deserves another post.

The next generation of witches

The next generation of witches

You’ve got a month to savour people, savour it and thanks once again for wanting to be involved – without you there would be no point to this. By saying that I mean you also need to be thinking about telling your friends and family – it is going to be worth a few minutes of your time every day for a month or so.

The witches are here…


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  1. #1 by Carole Lanham on 31/03/2013 - 07:18

    Awesome start! And we’re off and running!

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