OH PYE, PYE, PYEWACKET – The End of Witch Awareness Month

Oh, Pye, Pye, Pyewacket. What’s the matter with me? Why do I feel this way?
~ Gillian Holroyd Bell, Book, and Candle

The time has come to put up the brooms, lid the caldron, pull off our pointy shoes, and tuck the striped socks back in the drawer. Witch Awareness Month is over and I’m feeling fairly glum about that. Yes, I know. I know! It’s been a perfectly magical month and I’ve no business complaining. Still, I will miss it tomorrow. I will miss the excuse to linger daily on all things witchy and dark.

This April we’ve seen many good and/or black and white movies, enjoyed lots of reviews, read some excellent short fiction by the likes of Simon Kewin, and reminisced about the witches who filled our childhood with fear and warm-fuzzies and fun. We’ve also learned a bit about young Madoka Kaname, the Salem witch trials, Tansy and Norman, witchcraft in the time of the Crusades, Rebecca Hamilton’s new book, the adventures of Willow and Madmartigan, witches in computer games, a highly unique film from the 70s, the Wyrd Sisters, the greatness of Oz, and the spooky ways of the Pendle Witch area of England and the town of Burkittsville.

Oh, how can I say goodbye to such things?!

Fortunately, like Christmas, Appreciation Months come once a year, and there’s always something special to look forward to, be it zombies, ghosts, or vampires. You never know what you’re going to get, which keeps things interesting. My favorite part about Witch Awareness Month has been unlocking and re-visiting old memories that were buried under dust. No sooner had WAM opened up shop, when a flurry of old picture books came flooding back to me. Like a zap of lightning, I suddenly remembered my girlhood wish to twitch my nose and have my room be sparkling clean. Cats I’ve known, Halloween costumes I’ve worn, spells I’ve whispered under my breath… these things were alive for me once more this month, and I’m glad. It was a joy.

I’d like to say thanks to the WAM team for keeping us up to our ears in charmers, conjurers, and all manner of lovely sorcery. And a big thanks to all who participated, or even just stopped in for a little spell. If you’d care to leave a comment here or on FB, we’d love to hear what you liked most about WAM. Got a feeling I’m not the only one whose feeling sad that we’ve come to the end.


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