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Review: Willow

[Written by Witch Awareness Month team member, Delisa Carnegie]

Willow was filmed in 1988 and directed by Ron Howard.

I’ve loved this movie since it came out. The special effects might seem a little cheesy compared to newer movies, but it is still awesome. It is also funny.

I’m going to assume that everyone has watched Willow, so I don’t need to retell you the story. You did watch it, right? Good.

There are many things I like about the movie Willow. The heroes are not traditional heroes. Willow is a dwarf that is bullied and teased. Madmartigan is a criminal and despite what he says, I don’t think he is a master swordsman. Fin Razeil is an old woman and a sorceress. Sorcha is the daughter of the evil queen.

Bavmorda is everything you’d expect an evil queen to be. She is heartless, egotistical and over confident. Her belief that she is more powerful than everyone else, while possibly true, is also her downfall. She underestimates everyone.

Throughout the movie Willow’s confidence in himself grows. He is determined not to let anything happen to Elora Danan. I got the impression that he was protecting a baby more than he was trying to save the world. I think if he would have been focusing on saving the world, it would have been too overwhelming of a task.

Madmartigan grows up. Even though he is and adult he acts like a boy in that he is focused on having fun and doing whatever he wants regardless of the consequences. He isn’t a bad man, he is just living a carefree life. He falls in love with Elora Danan in a fatherly way and it changes him.

Sorcha ends up turning against her mother. She falls for Madmartigan. Even though his first words of love toward her are because he has been hit with faery dust, they are still powerful for her. I don’t think anyone had ever said anything nice to her before. Even without being under the spell of faery dust, Madmartigan shows her a way of being she didn’t know before.

Magic in the movie seems to come from inside and be directed outward through words. An example of this is when Willow is trying to get chosen as an apprentice. He is asked which finger holds the power to change the world. He picks one of the elders’ fingers when the correct choice is his own finger. He holds the magic within himself. When Bavmorda turns the soldiers into pigs, she doesn’t need to preform any rituals or even use special magic words.

Willow needs the wand to transform Fin Raziel. Fin Raziel seems to need the wand to do most any magic. I think the only magic we see her do with out holding the wand is when she is trying to get the wand to come to her after she drops it. Bavmorda uses the the wand when she gets a hold of it. The wand must allow you to preform stronger magic than you could without it. If not, why even have the wand when throughout the movie wand free magic is taking place?

A large part of Willow’s journey is spent getting the wand and Fin Raziel together and turning Fin Faziel back into her human form. At the end while they help Willow save Elora Danan, they aren’t they main things things save her. Willow tricks Bavmorda into thinking Elora Danan has disappeared. Bavmorda, in her anger, destroys herself by knocking over the potion or blood (whatever was in those bowls) that was intended for the ritual to banish Elora Danan’s soul and banishing herself.

Bavmorda, in her attempts to stop the prophecy, actually fulfills it. She is so focused on destroying Elora Danan before she grows up and has the chance to fight back, that she creates the circumstances that lead to her own destruction.


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